My life through television: Kinda/Sorta

Recently Newsweek published an article about the “celebrity” of the current generation.  In a world chock full of reality television, crime or medicine based dramas, it’s hard to find real quality television.  Once in a while you run across real gems, but most of them are canceled within a series or two.  But before we delve into the Newsweek article, let’s first look at the shows that I watch currently.

  • Lost (have since the beginning)
  • Glee
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Project Runway
  • Rob’s Fantasy Factory


I have heard that many people don’t like this show.  I think that it’s not that they don’t like it, they just don’t understand what the fuck is going on.  Watching from the beginning sheds a little bit of light onto the show, but I have been watching since the beginning and I don’t understand what’s going on either.  But each week, in season 5 at least, made me keep watching so I could find out more.  Viewers have been promised a logical explanation for everything that happens on The Island, and that’s what keeps me watching.  Not to mention, I don’t mind being in a state of confusion after pretty much every single episode, it gives me a lot to think about.


I am a Gleek by no means.  I find many faults in the show, but it is the music that keeps me watching.  And Artie & Puck, not mention Jane Lynch. 😛  I can’t stand the main character Rachel, and I think the fact that the other members of the Glee Club don’t get as many songs as her and Finn is really unsatisfying.  However, it could just be a reflection of Mr. Shue’s “unnoticed” faults.  Despite those qualms, I think the show has great characters, and is a lot deeper than it appears.

How I Met Your Mother

I just started watching this show this year.  And I am in love with it.  The first season starts out fairly slow, but it picks up especially by the time my favorite episode “Slapsgiving” rolls around in season 2.  The characters are so recognizable.  I, for one, know a Marshall/Lilly-esque couple and a Barney.  Not only that but random things featured on the show make their way into real life so easily.  I think it’s a down to earth comedy, and hilarious.

Project Runway

After making the switch to Lifetime this season, I was a little disappointed.  It was clear who the winner was going to be from the first few episodes.  But the past seasons of “Project Runway” were the reason I started watching in the first place, season 2 still reigning in supreme as my fave.  No one can beat Daniel V. or Andre or Nick, or even Santino.  I watch the show to see up and coming fashion, which is odd because I am not a fashionable person by any means.  Maybe it’s because of Tim Gunn, or maybe it’s because of the unique challenges, or the unique characters they find for the show, maybe it’s to watch the drama unfold, but honestly I think it’s a combo of all of it.  Something makes me keep watching, and I’m highly anticipating season 7.

Rob’s Fantasy Factory

I LOVED “Rob & Big.”  So when I found out that Rob was getting his own show, I was a bit wary and then completely stoked.  And Rob didn’t fail me, he gave me just as much spontaneity as he did in “Rob & Big.”  When people like Rob get reality shows, I am hooked.  I think he is hilarious, spontaneous, charismatic, crazy, unique, and creative.  He’s exactly the person that I want to be.  And I never know what he will do next, which is exactly the reason I keep watching.

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ll get to the good stuff.  The actual article.  First, this topic is breached due to the recent Tiger Woods scandal.  No need to go into it because, unless you’ve been under a rock for the past month or so you’ve definitely heard about it.  The article discusses that “celebrity” is taking on a meaning of not having talent, but someone who attracts a lot of attention.  I mean, look at recent so called famous people – Octomom, Jon & Kate, Spencer and Heidi…People who stir up drama are considered “famous” in some aspect or another.  And so called reality television is to blame.

The only thing that makes people want to watch those shows is for the drama.  Reality shows like The Bachelor, Survivor, Big Brother, and especially The Real World (not to mention The Real Housewives of whatever city) are only popular because it is human nature, and the nudging of the director, to squabble and create drama.  The other thing, is that it is touted to be relate-able  to every one because these are normal people.  But the conditions, especially for shows like Project Runway and Survivor, are not normal.  Which is why we are delivered shows like Rob and Big, The Osbournes, Laguna Beach and Hogan Knows Best.  Celebrities (or in the case of LB, “normal people”) in their “regular environment” living “everyday life.”

Now, I don’t admit to being innocent.  I wholeheartedly admit to loving Rob and Big.  And I’m trying to analyze why it is that I like R&B, but I don’t enjoy the aforementioned (R&B being the exception) reality TV shows.  I guess to me it’s because Rob, and Big, come across as real.  Rob doesn’t seem to be “acting” in front of the cameras trying to be cooler than he is.  He’s just who he is and living life to the fullest.  Wheras, when you got shows like The Bachelor, or Rock of Love, you have suitors who are totally fake, trashy looking, and desperate.

Which leads me to the next point that it has come to the point when I don’t give a damn about entertainers’ lives (not that there ever was a time when I cared).  Example: Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien, or Jon & Kate getting a divorce, or even Tiger Woods’ scandal.  I mean, where do we draw the line, when is it too much?  It’s come to the point where I could know every single detail about a celebrity’s life (websites like Perez Hilton’s, which is quite addicting, I’ll admit) or just ignore it all.  Do I sacrifice conversation starters because of it?  Yes, but in reality I really don’t give a damn about things like that.

Anyway, this is turning out to be more ranty than I wanted it to be.  I’ll just leave you with this: reality television sucks.  Actually, TV just isn’t a very great thing in general, read books. ;]  Or even walk outside.  Or hug someone you care about.  Okay.  It’s late.  I’m not making sense anymore.  Finished.


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