Remember Me

So, I added the Movie Reviews section to do brief opinions about movies I see.  However, having recently watched Remember Me I felt the need to write someone longer than a little blurb.

Remember Me has so much going on in the movie that were I to tell you the plot, it would give away so much.  Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost) and Robert Pattinson star in the film as Ally and Tyler respectively.  Both had good chemistry, and were very believable.  Surprisingly.  I had reservations about seeing the film when it first came out due to Robert Pattinson being in it, and from witnessing Twilight scenes thinking that the extent to his acting was to be like Edward is.  I was proved wrong.

The movie was beautifully filmed, but for a while I was left wondering where the film was going.  And then, the relationships started to deepen, and the plot advanced.  Then the twist hit.  And it was as if there was no meaning to the rest of the movie.  I was left wondering the significance of everything the movie had built up.

Then it hit me.  The movie wasn’t so much about significances.  It was about little moments – in the movie, there wasn’t a meaning to everything that happened in the film.  It was more about thinking that life is precious, and it’s important to remember the small moments because those are the ones that will be remembered.

I’m still on the fence with the movie.  I thought the acting was good, and the relationship of Ally-Tyler-Aiden and Tyler-Caroline was wonderful to watch.  It just seemed that Tyler was at the heart of the movie, and then…The twist.

In other movie news – I watched Invictus which was fantastic, and Leap Year which as with Remember Me I am on the fence about.  Next up, I must see Inception and Rachel McAdams’ movie from a while ago The Lucky Ones.


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