My Glee two week notice

I’ve been writing about Glee off and on since the first episode, which I received as a free download from iTunes the summer of 2009 about a couple months before it was set to premiere in the upcoming fall season.  People were already talking about it.  There was a buzz, and while I enjoyed the pilot, I wasn’t as fanatical about it as most were.  But I gave it a shot, I watched the first season routinely, but all the while in the back of my mind I had serious issues with the show.  And while at the time I thought that maybe the writers were doing it on purpose, which could still be the case, I still can’t seem to get past it and they remain still major issues I have with the show.

The first is I hate Rachel Barry with a passion.  She’s selfish, as she’s shown time and time again, and her reaction to Finn’s announcement that he’s religious in “Grilled Cheesus,” while in character, was a shock to me.  She’s manipulative and controlling, and on top of that save for Finn she doesn’t have any real friends in the club and I can see why.  She’s not really someone I would ever want to hang out with.  I think Lea Michele is talented, no doubt about that, but I cannot stand her character and clearly none of the Glee characters can either.  What makes it worse is the fact that while Glee is a character driven show, there really hasn’t been much characterization done to Rachel Barry.

Second, it’s the fifth episode of the second season and that’s when you finally decide to give Mike Chang a song?  And even then it’s not really singing.  He can clearly sing, I mean he’s been in the background, or the foreground dancing, since season one.  And ever since he joined I had been hoping that he’d be featured doing more than just dancing, but I had to wait for the fifth episode of season two for that to happen?  What the hell.  And while I understand that Tina and Mike are the token Asians on the show, enough with the crazy Asian parent stereotype.

And to go along with that, I hate how in addition to Mike – Tina, Quinn (not so much the first season, but occasionally), Puck and Artie (to an extent) get forgotten about in most episodes.  And that they don’t get musical numbers too often.  Even Mercedes at times barely appears in an episode, much less sings.  Artie at least has been getting songs fairly consistently ever since “Dream On” aired, which might I add has been my favorite episode of Glee thus far.  You can count upon Brittany to deliver at least one funny line an episode, but “Britney/Brittany” has been the only episode so far that she’s been given an actual featured singing number, not to mention a couple hot dance numbers to go along with it.  And based on her small solo in “Rocky Horror Glee Show” she does have a fairly decent voice.

Finn and Rachel are clearly the stars on the show, which I think is stupid because Cory Monteith has a terrible singing voice in comparison to the rest of the guys in the club.  Puck, Artie and Kurt definitely outshine him.  I’m happy about the addition of Sam, not only for his awkward jokes which are endearing, but also for his voice, because god knows that Finn needs all the male voices backing him to overshadow his only decent performances.

And what’s with Mr. Schu always feeling the need to prove himself, and thereby performs along with the Glee Club?  Him deciding to replace Sam as Rocky with himself was about the last straw.  He’s a dickwad, plain and simple, and he exploits the kids so that he can achieve his own means.  He’s actually pretty similar to Rachel, I wonder if the writers did that on purpose.  Because honestly, I hate both of them, so mission accomplished.

I’m getting so tired of the characters never actually going through any changes, not to mention watching episodes where nothing actually happens.  I like how they’ve added depth to Sue, and given Kurt a fairly decent storyline.  But why can’t they do that with everyone else?  I liked the idea of the Glee Club performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a fundraiser to go to Nationals, where else are they going to get funding?  And then Mr. Schu of course had to go and screw that up, or at least blatantly lie to the kids about his reasons for doing the musical.  This past episode had some good subplots, the male image was good and talking about how Rocky is for the outcasts, but overall I wasn’t impressed by “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.”

It’s getting to be too much.  Jane Lynch can only save this show so much.  I’m going to watch the November 9th episode, just because Darren Criss is going to be appearing (if you haven’t seen A Very Potter Musical on YouTube go search for it now), but if it doesn’t impress me I’m done.  The musical numbers can’t save you forever, Glee, pretty soon you’re going to have to develop an actual storyline that reaches further beyond I’m-made-fun-of-at-school-because-I’m-in-Glee-Club.  And that GQ photoshoot?  Wow…Just wow.  Of course, Terry Richardson is a pretty creepy individual.  Just google him and you shall see.  What wonders you will behold.  Wonders I tell you, wonders.


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