Random blather.

I saw No Strings Attached for the second time last night.  And again I was struck by how much Natalie Portman’s character and I are similar in thought process and whatever else.  Our situations couldn’t be further from each other, but we think the same.  The way she reacts is how I react, though not nearly as witty.  She has a good reason as to why she is the way she is, I on the other hand cannot for the life of me explain exactly why I’m the way I am.

I’m traditional in the sense that I firmly believe that the guy needs to gather the guts to ask me out.  If I were the one who was interested in the guy, that would be a different story but if a guy is interested in me I’m not going to do him any favors.  It’s weird too, if I think I’m being remotely asked out on a date I flip out mentally – I can’t think of things to talk about, I start rambling, it’s not attractive.  I wouldn’t say that I think so little of myself that I can’t believe I would be asked out, that’s not true – I think and know I’m awesome.  It’s more like…People just need to be more forthcoming.  If it’s a date, say it’s a date.  If it’s not, ask to hang out and don’t make it seem like a date.  How the hell am I supposed to read between the lines and figure it out?  Let’s make a deal: I’ll be forthcoming if you are with me.  And for christ sakes don’t get all huffy with me when I throw that out there that it isn’t a date if you don’t say it is.  Now I’m just ranting.

This is a pretty terrible blog, never to be printed.  Holy jesus I’m like Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg at the beginning of The Social Network.  Did you notice that Andy Samberg, Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg all have last names that end in ‘berg’?  The end.


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