Karaoke – and the people to avoid

There are a few people, a small amount mind you – okay only like three, who I hate to go with to karaoke (Japanese style, with your own personal room to sing, my annoyance can’t happen with American style thank god!). And it sucks because I always end up going with these people because, no surprise here, they love going! Who’da thought?! /sarcasm

No but, the annoying qualities all three of these people share is the fact that:

  1. they put in like five songs that they want to sing in a row (hello! We only have a limited time here, how about you let everyone choose a song kthx)
  2. they choose random slow songs that are like SIX minutes long, and when you’re left with six minutes to go of course that song shows up and since they loooove that song they waste the last six minutes singing rather than singing a snippet and then skipping to the next
  3. they have to sing, in a second mic, any song that pops up even if they didn’t choose it, because god forbid that person wanted to sing alone – or at least wanted to sing it without someone warbling out tuneless words in their ear
  4. they have a terrible voice.
My reaction:

Now see, I don’t care if you can’t sing a tune – the point of karaoke is that even though you may think you can sing, you really can’t. And that’s okay, that’s why there’s karaoke. It’s for all the amateurs and will always be. But I really DO mind when you sing along with me, into a mic, when you don’t know the words to the song. Singing along is always permitted, and encouraged. But it’s distracting to me when someone is singing, tunelessly into a mic I might add, while I’m actually trying to sing the song I know (and am probably massacring, but LEAVE ME TO IT PLEASE!) What bothers me the most is when they do it to everyone. I can ignore it, and continue to sing the song (and then rant about it in a blog) – but some of the shyer people out there who sing quietly into a mic, get slowly squeltered out by these fiends who seem to be, in addition to those who have actually had to use a mic before, one of the few who actually know how to make audible sounds on a mic. Of course they know! /sarcasm

Anyway, enough ranting. But I am seriously annoyed by these mic hoggers, and the fact that I’ve run into three of them in my lifetime sucks. So all those in the interweb-verse out there, be wary and be warned – AVOID THESE PEOPLE AND DON’T BECOME THESE PEOPLE. God knows, I might already have turned into one of them. Oh dear lord, I hope not…You don’t want to see my reaction.


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