Life as of late

Automatically after I decided to stick around Washington for another five months, I began a temporary job search.  I went to Qwest Field in hopes of landing a job being a parking attendant for sports/music events (which I did, and should be starting in May).  My friends did me a huge favor and are letting me help out at their dumpling shop in Fremont – it’s pretty fantastic, those from Bellingham will know it and those who aren’t should definitely stop by when I’m working. 😉  And now I’ve found out I’ve been hired on as a substitute paraeducator!  None of the jobs are regular – it’s only when I’m needed and the substitute gig is only until June or July, but I’ll take what I can get!

Other than work, I’ve started working out with my friend Alex who works at Harbor Square and she, our friend Tamenech and I have been going to see movies at least once a week.  We saw Madea’s Big Happy Family last week, I blame T for getting me addicted.

I went out and played pool – and went to two gay bars – with my friend Briana & her coworker.  It was a fun night, second bar we went to had a straight bartender Rob Dyrdek look alike.  I’m pretty certain I was staring like a creeper – but that gives me more incentive to go back.  The resemblance was pretty uncanny…

After that bar, we decided to go over to the other gay bar on Capitol Hill, and ended up dancing for like an hour or so.  It was pretty much just the three of us and some other woman on the dance floor, with about four other people just hanging out in the bar, but whatevs!

Yesterday my friend exposed Constantine and Tangled to me – both were good!  Tangled was incredibly adorable and Constantine was so much better than I originally expected it to be.  We had teriyaki for dinner, and I didn’t realize how much I have missed it.  Cheap ass teriyaki is bomb.

Tonight I’m hanging out with my friend who just got back from Korea, I think.  I haven’t talked with her since exchanging a short message on Tuesday, so hopefully she’s still down to hang!  I haven’t seen her in over a year!

And then tomorrow and Sunday I have work in Fremont.  YAYYYYYY!  And the Mariners are actually winning, this week has just been awesome.  Not to mention that the Canucks won yesterday…Life has been so incredibly awesome recently.  I’m actually really glad that I could stick around the PNW for another five months, I mean yeah I was giving up a pretty nice paycheck, but I’ve been having a lot of fun working at the dumpling shop with some pretty awesome people and I can’t wait to start up my other two jobs.  And I need to make a trek up to Bellingham/Canada and down to Portland before I take off – it’s going to happen.  I need to road trip so hard right now.

Hawaii poladroid'd out

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