Cue Orc saying: “Work work work.”

Today, since I have a lot on my mind I’m going to post thoughts that have crossed my mind at work:

– There’s a single loaf of bread on the floor. How did it get there? Is it suicidal? Or is it the catalyst that shall send the other loaves of bread tumbling to the floor?

– “Loaf” and its plural “loaves” are strange words.

– It’s “its” in the former sentence not “it is.”

– And “it is” in the last sentence not “its.”

– Why was there tomato, and a green leafy spice, on the burners today?

– Why can’t the other shop clean up after themselves?

– I really need to stop cycling through the same 10 records.  I mean, don’t get me wrong –  Heart, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Top Gun soundtrack, The Pretenders, and Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack are all pretty brilliant.  But I need variety, and new records to listen to.

– Our menu board, which used to be a nice chalkboard with a nice wooden frame, has gotten progressively ghetto’er and ghetto’er. There is now only the top half of the frame on the menu board, and the frame is held to the board by masking tape.


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