Albums turned Musicals

Inspired by this blog post on Thought Catalog (which can be hit or miss), I began thinking about albums I would love to be turned into musicals (you know exempting the ones that Gaby mentioned: Dookie & Enema of the State) and what I would want the story to be…

Absolution – Muse.  If this could be done, My high school self would be so happy.  I see it as a post-apocalyptic story-line.  We meet our protagonist, living in the aftermath of the world as we know it, near death.  We then flashback to how society collapsed (Apocalypse Please), and how most people accepted the end was near, our protagonist fought for survival.  Turns out Protagonist has someone to live for.  Protagonist is in love with Best Friend’s Sister, and Best Friend is in turn dating Sister’s Best Friend.  Protagonist, a spineless person (hence why he hasn’t told her how he feels, or talked to Best Friend about it), but with the human race being so close to extinction, he has to do something (this is starting to sound like Cloverfield, apologies), and he finally grows balls to save Best Friend, Sister and Sister’s Best Friend (Time is Running Out).  Protagonist is able to save Sister and Best Friend, but is too late for Sister’s Best Friend – as Best Friend is mourning over her body (Sing For Absolution).  Protagonist has to convince Best Friend that he can’t end his life as well, but with the “end of the world” BF feels like there isn’t much else to live for.  Stockholm Syndrome plays as BF decides not to end his life, and there’s a time shift.  The three of them have been surviving as “the only humans left.”  While Best Friend dreams of Sister’s BF, Protagonist is finally admitting feelings to Sister after you know a year after the end of the world.  Pussy.  The first act ends with Sister & Protagonist getting it on, and Best Friend whilst dreaming walking into danger (Interlude).

Act Two begins with a possessed Best Friend, who interrupts the morning after (Hysteria).  Best Friend has also brought the possessed others with him, who begin to close in on Sister and Protagonist.  Then all of a sudden Sister’s BF’s ghost appears to talk to BF, as Sister and Protagonist come to terms with having to kill BF to get out alive (Blackout).  As BF dies, finally joining Sister’s BF, Protagonist vows to get revenge (Butterflies and Hurricanes).  The first step is to find other non possessed humans.  Sister and Protagonist set off in search of more humans, and Sister is torn between her love for Protagonist (who is pretty much only concerned with avenging Best Friend, and that is slowly driving him insane) and her desire to just survive.  Protagonist and Sister run across a haven for humans, and Protagonist convinces them to join his cause (The Small Print).  The night before Protagonist leaves to go avenge Best Friend, Sister pleads with Protagonist to leave the Possessed alone – having made her choice.  Protagonist insists this is something he must do, leaves the room they both share and gives a rousing speech to all the males united in his cause, while Sister mourns with the rest of the wives (Endlessly).  As “Endlessly” closes out, Sister says her farewell to Protagonist at dawn (with the other wives doing the same in the background), and then “Thoughts of a Dying Atheist” begins with the men facing off against The Possessed.  The wives are the ones singing, while the men engage in battle after battle.  Sister is obviously mourning because she knows that Protagonist will probably not be returning.  As Protagonist watches his men fall against The Possessed, he realizes just how much Sister was right.  With his fate sealed, Protagonist fights harder to get to the leader (Thoughts of a Dying Atheist).  We end with another dream sequence where Sister, Protagonist, Best Friend, and Sister’s BF are reunited.  They are in a future alternate reality where BF and Sister’s BF are married and Sister and Protagonist are married.  Somehow, though the alternate reality seems sunny and bright, all of a sudden it’s revealed that The Possessed are there too.  The musical ends with it unknown whether the alternate reality is actually real, or the other reality was real – and it’s left to the imagination whether Protagonist survived or not (Ruled by Secrecy).  Curtain!  Cue applause!

21 by Adele could be interesting too.  The album was brilliant.  It’s too late for me to come up with something brilliant, the above album took all my brain power, so I’ll come revisit this after I’ve recovered. =]


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