A rant of sorts.

Last week Friday I had my first shift as a bartender at my friend’s place.  It was a blast, and I learned basic mixing.  Since arriving in Japan, I haven’t been much of a night owl, so this past weekend was a huge test for me, but I had fun.  I met a bunch of cool people, and a couple…unpleasant ones.

To say he was unpleasant is an understatement.  He completely took a dig at my family history.  I was insulted, and to be honest – I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion.  But…don’t tell me straight to my face that my grandfather didn’t deserve some sort of retribution for being interned by his own country just for what ethnicity he was.

It’s true that it’s not fair that the Japanese Americans received reparations and African Americans didn’t.  What the African Americans endured all those years was far worse than what the Japanese Americans were put through.  If I could, I would give African Americans reparations.  In fact, if there was a way that we could right now, I’d be all for it.  But the fact of the matter is that the US did apologize to Japanese Americans.  The US did give those interned reparations.  So to say that you were against it, and then say that your reasoning was because the US never apologized for what they did to Japan?  Fuck off, dude.

War is hell.  Countries do awful things during war.  And the US isn’t exempt from it, just like Japan isn’t exempt.  The US never apologized for the atomic bombs, Japan never apologized for Pearl Harbor, and Japan never apologized to Korea or China for torturing their people, and using them as sex slaves.  If countries apologized for all the shit they did, we’d be apologizing all the time and never getting any shit done – and maybe that’d be better than starting pointless wars based on oil, but that’s beside the point.

The fact of the matter was that, he guy brought up the subject.  He found out I was Japanese and then asked if any of my family had been interned.  WHO ASKS SOMEONE THAT AND THEN SAYS THAT THEY DON’T BELIEVE MY FAMILY DESERVED REPARATIONS?  He’s Irish, that dude, and obviously insensitive – he does have a point that countries should apologize for all the shit they put others through, but he’s way off base on a lot of things.  And he has a right to his opinion, but I just want it far away from me.  I tried to be open minded, especially since he wouldn’t leave the bar, but I couldn’t stand being anywhere close to him.  He better not come back in, I don’t think I could stand another shift being anywhere close to him.


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