To my best friend & her husband…

I mentioned that my best friend got married last month, a month ago exactly (if we’re going on US time).  I posted pictures in my travel blog (ALT in a Strange Land), but I didn’t get into much detail.  Now that we’ve hit one month officially, I think it’s finally struck me that my best friend is a married woman.  She changed her last name, she’s flown out of the nest, she’s grown up officially!

…but not completely.

Her wedding was a gorgeous affair.  Not to mention that she was absolutely stunning on her wedding day!  The weather the morning of was perfect, a little overcast (perfect for photos), and before I knew it we had gotten ready, head breakfast in the local pub, taken photos, and were arriving at the church for the ceremony.  The most poignant moment was watching Andrew, the groom, tear up upon seeing my gorgeous best friend walk down the aisle towards him.  Before that moment, he hadn’t seen her in the dress – not even for pictures.  I watched as Andrew’s best friend, and best man, passed tissues to him, and saw the used tissues be handed back to his best man – now that’s friendship I thought.  Little did I know that the tissues went from the groom’s brother, to the best man, to Andrew then from Andrew, to the best man, and back into the groom’s brother’s pocket!

Work it!
Stopping in for a “pint” before we go get her to the chapel.

My best friend’s father is a pastor.  He got the privilege of marrying his daughter, that was also a touching moment – witnessing a father not only give away his daughter but marry her (that sounds wrong, but you get my drift).  My best friend’s family is Scottish, so of course her father was in a fullblown kilt.  There were Scottish touches here and there, the wedding party was led out of the church by a bagpiper, but for the most part is a good old Christian wedding.

The reception was held at a gorgeous golf course, and the food was excellent.  They opted for a cupcake “cake.”  And for those of you familiar with How I Met Your Mother, the only “wedding cliche” to be found was the slideshow, and even that was done magnificently.  And I may be biased, but honestly it was my best friend’s wedding and I couldn’t be bothered to care.  It was a lovely night.  My fellow bridesmaid, Carmen – the groom’s sister, was awesome and the groomsmen – the aforementioned groom’s brother, and bride’s brother – and best man were fantastic.

It’s surreal that my best friend has gotten married, been on her honeymoon and is now a newlywed, but I’m ecstatic for her.  She found the love of her life, a great man in Andrew.  They have a long adventure ahead of them, and I know they’ll have a grand life together.  So here’s to my best friend and her husband on their one month anniversary!  Wishing you both the best, a lifetime of happiness, and the enjoyment of many adventures to come.

Husband & wife

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