I’m sad, but hopeful


It’s the day after Super Bowl XLIX and I’m so sad.

I’m not angry, the only way I can describe my emotion is sad. And disappointed. I’m sad because I know how upset my team is, how much they wanted to go all the way. My sadness is for them, but I hope that this only fuels their need. I’m sad because I know that all anyone is going to focus on during the off season isn’t going to be how we put up a fight till the bitter end (the lager end), but our final play. I hope this only fuels them in 2015. I’m sad because we put up a fight, and came up short. We took a risk, and it didn’t pay off. The Patriots came out the victor in the most important 60 minutes, and that final game winning play? Incredible. Credit where credit is due. But I’m still sad, and it’s going to be a long while before I get over this game.

All that sadness aside, how can you not be proud, as a 12, of what an incredible journey this season has been? We came back to get the number one seed after starting off the season 3-3. We got rid of Percy Harvin, who we exhausted considerable draft picks to get. We lost some amazing players in the off season. We went on a eight game winning streak after losing to the Chiefs. We beat the 49ers, ended a rivalry, and ate turkey on their home turf after our Thanksgiving blowout. We knocked the Cardinals off their NFC roost at number one in two games at the end of the season. We came from behind five minutes to the end of the game to go on to our second consecutive Super Bowl. We were NFC champs the second year in a row! How can you not appreciate this past season?

It didn’t end the way we wanted it to, yes, but you can’t win them all. And we were fighting till the very end. Kam, Earl and Sherm were all playing with severe injuries, that they downplayed because there was no way in hell they were going to miss out playing in the Super Bowl again. That takes guts, courage, and heart. And if there’s one thing this team doesn’t lack it’s heart. We play our hearts out every single game, and I cannot be any prouder of them.

What I’m not proud of was our conduct in the last 20 seconds of the game. I know it’s tough to lose, I’m sure something was said to spark Irvin to react the way he did, but even still you accept defeat with grace and integrity. You don’t go throwing punches and shoving your opponent no matter how upset you are. I will never ever be okay with that. It’s unsportsmanlike, and unacceptable. Just like last year in the NFC Championship game when Bowman was carted off the field and people threw garbage at him, that’s not okay.

Despite all that, my dear friend Briana said it best:

To my fellow 12s

We made it further than the other 15 team in our division. Remember that. It’s like going to the Olympics and not winning the gold…we still went to the Olympics. We love our boys, we won 8 straight games to get here,and we can do it again. We are 12 and we stand behind them.

To my 12 haters

Call bandwagon if you want. We hurt. Our team lost in the most controversial play call in Super Bowl history. Just because we are upset doesn’t mean we forsake our team. In addition, we don’t suck. We made it to the biggest game of the year. We beat out the other 15 teams in our division. We fought tooth and nail.

To my Pats fans

Congratulations 🙂 it was an AWESOME game! Everyone played with heart and it was close. Well done, thanks for bringing your best.

I’m so proud of what we accomplished this year. And I know that we can make the same thing happen next year! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Seahawks for another fantastic season. I’m so proud of you guys, and I will forever and always be a fan. You played your hearts out, that’s why you hurt so badly, and I cannot fault you for it – that’s all I ever want from a Seattle team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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