Five Years Later – Contact Commercials are still BS

A little over five years ago, I wrote a blog entitled “One Day I Call BS” about a lovely commercial for 1-Day Contacts and how their commercials are promoting the idea to young children who wear glasses that all their troubles will disappear, or at least people will like them better, if they were to make one small change and switch to contacts.

I’m sorry, I thought that was bullshit then and I think that it’s bullshit now.

I went on to talk, a little but not fully in detail, about how the commercial is wrong, blah blah blah, I won’t rehash the whole blog. I know one blog won’t make all the difference, but the fact that FIVE YEARS LATER I see a commercial for Acuvue promoting the SAME idea is a problem!

That marketing campaign doesn’t work! (Or maybe it does, since they’re STILL USING IT) How about you don’t shame kids who CAN’T switch to contacts because of circumstances? How do you think it feels being told that people will like you more, you’ll be more successful if only you were to switch to contacts and knowing that that isn’t a viable option for you?

Instead, why don’t you do a tongue in cheek commercial talking about how contacts are actually no better than glasses? You show all the instances where contacts would help and glasses would hinder – such as glasses fogging up, glasses breaking, knocking your glasses on shit, glasses falling off, etc. instead of making it about getting people to like you?

I wear contacts. I don’t know why. I guess I like that I don’t have something resting on my face all the time. And I like being able to wear sunglasses. I love my aviators. I didn’t ditch my glasses because I felt like a nerd and wanted to be prettier, or because I was getting teased, or wanted guys to like me. The only reason why I wear glasses all the time now is because I’m a lazy fucker and can’t be assed to get my prescription updated and thus buy more contacts. But that’s not the point.

Kids shouldn’t feel shame for wearing glasses. Wearing glasses is not shameful. I know that children will use any excuse to tease someone, but I hate that glasses=nerdy is the common assumption. I love my glasses. I think they’re fantastic. And to be fair, there are certain people who should only ever wear glasses:

You get the point. Glasses shaming is a thing. You get called a nerd, four-eyes, women who wear glasses are called librarians, It’s not okay. Yes, maybe I’m studious, and maybe I like to read – but you know what I also like? BEING ABLE TO SEE.

Here’s the recent commercial for Acuvue:

You know, because wearing contacts just automatically gives you the confidence to talk to the guy you like. Guess what? If you think a guy will only like you if you wear contacts, that guy’s a superficial asshole and maybe you shouldn’t give him the time of day.


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