Sometimes Resistant to Change

There I was, strolling down the hill to work listening to a soundtrack in my own head. I go shopping for my work twice a week, sometimes more, on Mondays and Fridays. Going to the Ballard Cash & Carry twice a week since June of last year has made me a regular, and with only eight or so employees I know them all pretty well. Mondays and Fridays have easily become my favorite days of the week due to the friendship I’ve forged with the CNC employees. So I roll up to the Ballard Cash & Carry like I always do, and my good mood explodes to bits.

Another regular walks in and starts talking to the friendliest face, my favorite employee and soul mate, Cody, about how his last day will be on Monday. This was a soul crushing revelation. My coworker and I have chatted about what to do if Cody were to ever leave, and I had fooled myself into thinking this would never happen.

But the day has come and gone now. He had his last day yesterday. Nevermore will I wander in through the sliding doors and be greeted by either, “sup!” or “not you again.”¬†Nevermore will we commiserate about how awful our days are going. He won’t be perched on the stoop outside smoking like a gargoyle. He, I imagine and joked with him about it yesterday, likely left yesterday with a pep in his step and a click in his heel as he exited to freedom with the world his oyster and rode off into the sunset on his motorcycle.

When I walked in yesterday, I confronted by second favorite, John, about a rumor I heard of him leaving too. This is too much for my heart to handle. I cannot lose both of my favorites in the same year. I’m selfish, and am only thinking of my own misery of course, and I’ve talked to both Cody and John about how much it sucks at CNC so I know how much happier they’ll be once they’re gone. I’m happy for both of them, but very much bummed that I won’t get to see them twice a week now. They made CNC visits enjoyable. Our conversations were ridiculous. At least I get to keep John for a little longer, he hasn’t put in his notice yet.

In other news, John (jokingly, or maybe he was moderately serious) invited me to go to California with him. Maybe I will? I should. It’d be a nice change from everything that happened this year.


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