Good riddance, 2015

I’ve been absent on this blog for a while now, don’t even get me started on my more travel related blog. That one’s been dead since like last March. But it hasn’t been for lack of topics to blog about, or topics on my mind, it’s more that 2015 was a year of crap piling up in my life. One thing after another…

I’m pretty good about keeping my personal life separate on social media. I don’t like to post depressing shit, I just like to go for the Greatest Hits option to posting on social media. Knowing the goings on in someone’s life via Facebook is just so tiring.

But since it’s February of 2016, and 2015 is in the past – it’s about time I do a recap. I mean, really, 2015 wasn’t all bad – I saw so many bands I was dying to see, I saw an actual good Star Wars on opening night, I saw a good friend get married, I worked hard and made money! And hopefully that’ll be what I remember of 2015.

But before we get to that, let’s get the bad out of the way:

  • I was told by each of my bosses, on separate occasions: I “don’t manage my time well” & was completely dismissed when I admitted that I was overwhelmed, “I don’t believe that you actually set up and sold dumplings at Summer Meltdown,” and the kicker “You fucking ruined my day” after I had to miss a shift and get it covered to go pick up dumplings in December
  • Got called a slave on a phone conversation at work
  • Screwed up dumpling inventory three times, leading to getting extorted for extra money twice by the dumpling supplier up north, and then my work making me feel as though I’m lazy and irresponsible
  • Speaking of people thinking I’m lazy and irresponsible, parents decided that I’m both and even though I work a full time job, or more like more than that, decided that I don’t do enough and because I “sit around and do nothing on my days off” charged me rent to live there
  • When my brother talked about staying late at work he was called an “overachiever” and “workaholic.” but when I stayed at work till late I was yelled at and questioned and still called lazy and irresponsible
  • Feeling like all my efforts were going unnoticed, feeling worthless, and lazy, and that everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong all year long
  • Got into a terrible accident in September, which led to my parents giving me an ultimatum where I would either – 1) move out and live closer to work, or 2) quit my job and could continue to live with them. To be completed by the end of the year. I could write a whole blog about this incident, but the jist of it was that my parents, as I have come to know, seemingly care more for their possessions than for my actual well being. I didn’t handle the situation as best as I should’ve, but when it comes down to a $500 ticket and insurance leaping to well over $500, I really wish I hadn’t come clean to the cops. (I ran into a fence, didn’t get many injuries but a few scrapes, but the windshield and passenger window got smashed.)
  • Speaking of parents not really being concerned, on the last day of Capitol Hill Block Party, as we were loading up and getting ready to go home I started feeling super weird. I made my friend, Pat, drive us all home, and then Pat offered to drive me back home. On the way back, I felt as though I couldn’t move, felt tingly all over, and part way my vision turned super blurry. When Pat went inside to wake up my dad, because I couldn’t get out of the car, he reacted with anger. He made it feel as though I had done something, and when I finally made myself go inside and get into my bed, he tried to force me to go to the hospital, which was the last thing I wanted to do. I was still feeling the affects two days later, and I still don’t know exactly what happened. Maybe I ate something that was laced, I don’t know. It was a terrifying experience, and I’m grateful that Pat was with me, because otherwise I don’t know what I would’ve done.
  • On my way up to Bellingham to pick up dumplings, the whole vehicle I was driving started to vibrate. I made it to Bellingham, pulled off at Sehome, and pulled into Haggen to investigate. I checked under the car to see if it was dragging anything, and checked the wheels to see if they were flat (they weren’t). And the car looked okay, so I pulled a u-ie and went to go get myself pho. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I felt a thud, and then saw a wheel rolling away out of the corner of my eye. When I checked on the car, the whole wheel had been ripped off. It was the most bizarre experience. I had to get the car towed, and then luckily managed to get a rental from Enterprise to get dumplings, and then make it back to Seattle.
  • My Cash & Carry guys leaving me for greener pastures 😦
  • I fell asleep during Star Wars opening night. In my defense, it was the midnight showing! I was tired! Blah blah blah

So that was my year in shitty events. But it pales in comparison to what my friends’ 2015 was like. My shitty year isn’t even top of the shitty year list. I’m just really thankful that there’s only 12 months.

Let’s not dwell on the bad, it’s important to also acknowledge that 2015 also had some good moments:

  • Jesse, my favorite coworker (and the coworker that like everyone has an amazing story about), started working festivals, and he and I became like bffs. Seriously. Maybe he doesn’t know it, but we are. Like totally.
  • My show highlights of the year. This year rocked in terms of shows I got to go to:
    • Seeing Ratatat at Capitol Hill Block Party. I love them. And I got to see them.
    • Seeing Nahko and the Medicine for the People at Meltdown. They killed 2014 Meltdown, so I was so stoked when I heard they were coming back.
    • Seeing Shakey Graves play at the Garage. It was so good, and so intimate and I loved the experience.
    • X Ambassadors/Milky Chance in PDX
    • AWOLnation x2
    • Wilderness Politics
    • Seeing Muse in December, I worked my first catering show. I did dishes, for most of the concert, but they were still amazing!
    • Deck the Hall Ball, stacked lineup and everyone was incredible
  • My first art show opportunity as my work’s artist of the month
  • Hawaii with Nina
  • Discovering La Isla, my life has been forever changed
  • Meeting my Cash & Carry guys
  • Befriending everyone (pretty much) at Red Star Taco Bar
  • The opening of the new Dumpling Tzar on Capitol Hill
  • Cuddling with The Steves.
  • Most of all, my best friend moving back to Washington!

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