Another Year Gone

And now my last post was over a year ago, and here I am to recap another minute year of my life. 2016 was a tiny step up from 2k15:

  • In January I stood by my parent’s ultimatum (because they don’t tell me how to live my life) and moved in with my coworker in Greenlake.
  • A month later, he moved out to live with his girlfriend and failing to find someone to move in, I paid March rent on my own in full and then scrambled to find someone to move in come April.
  • Got into an accident in a company vehicle in February
  • My favorite coworker was moved to manage the kitchen on Capitol Hill, and by March he was working elsewhere
  • My job shifted from managing the shop to inventory management. When my co manager left, we had to find a replacement and they hired this guy with grocery experience. He was a nightmare – essentially told work I was rude to him for no reason, wouldn’t listen to me when I gave him advice, and only listened to my male boss, completely disregarded the head chef, myself, and his female boss.
  • Got repeatedly yelled at either in front of customers and coworkers by my boss, and without any chance to explain my side of the story and with little to no explanation
  • On top of inventory management, I was also expected to shop for and stock both restaurants, pick up dumplings from Bellingham, and manage festivals.
  • After our busy season, my job shifted from festivals to back to comanaging the Fremont shop – so frustrating
  • And then, with the departure of most of our late night staff, I had to close a majority of the week – with construction going every single day but Sunday next to my apartment
  • Seasonal depression hit super hard this winter

That’s all the bad, but there were a few bright spots to 2016:

  • Musical highlights were a lot of acts that were on my list to see but had never had a chance to before, or acts that I knew would put on a great show
    • Grace Love and the True Loves, Iska Daaf, The Fruit Bats at Timbrrr! in January in Leavenworth
    • The Ataris and Mest at The Neptune – high school me was completely fulfilled. I even took shots with the lead singer from Mest, and met Kris Roe
    • BeyoncĂ© with my good buddy, Nina! Queen Bey slayed
    • Serving dumplings to The Lumineers at Marymoor
    • Chef’Special x2 with Twenty One Pilots & at Summer Camp
    • Gogol Bordello finally after wanting to see them since college
    • STRFKR for the second time, The Joy Formidable at Capitol Hill Block Party
    • Finally after all these years able to attend the 1077 The End summer festival – Summer Camp (which was Endfest before and I always wanted to go but never could), and the lineup was so freaking stacked!
    • Sia the night before my flight to Missouri for…
    • Roots and Blues and BBQ Fest in Columbia, Missouri for my friend’s birthday/reunion
    • Nahko and Medicine for the People for the third time at The Showbox
    • The Faint with Gang of Four!
    • Young The Giant x2 – at SoDo and Summer Camp
    • The Head and the Heart FINALLY
    • Manatee Commune
  • Reuniting with a few of my dear Hamamatsu friends in Missouri
  • Ran my first 5k, ending the year with two 5k and two 10k races
  • Tried to go to at least one Mariners game a month, and a couple with my Red Star buddies
  • Met some cool regulars at Red Star and started playing trivia with them every Monday
  • Saw Griffey’s number retirement/HOF induction ceremony
  • Attended three weddings/receptions – Erin/Jared, Kristina/Jordan, Anthony/Kiyoko
  • Appeared in a Macklemore music video
  • Ate so much poke
  • Cuddled the Steves
  • Had some fantastic dates with my best friend, and her daughter

So far 2017 has been a bit rocky, Boy Steve went missing in February and that’s still taking a big toll on my well being. But on the flip side, I’ve been to a few really good shows to start the year off right, and ran my first race of the year. I’m trying my hardest to make my 30th year something special.



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