Summer in the City

It’s a not so well kept secret, but still a secret kind of, that summer in Seattle is the most fantastic time ever. Also, it’s my birthday season, so I’m a tad biased. But seriously, you can go swimming/floating (with alcohol!), it’s prime festival time, it barely rains (but when it does it’s a godsend!), drinking outdoors/on patios, summer cocktails…

Anyway, thus far my summer has been so hectic. My work schedule changes weekly, and gets sent out the day before the next schedule begins, so I can’t plan anything more than a few days in advance. To the friends I DO get to see – thank you so much for being so understanding and patient. To the friends I DON’T get to see – thank you for being so understanding and patient. I need to change my work/life balance. Its going to happen.

But to get back to a point that I never began in the first place, I had the opportunity to go to the Seattle Art Museum to check out Kusama Yayoi’s exhibit. It’s there till the 10th, and I highly encourage whomever stumbles across this post to go. Reserved tickets are already sold out, but you can wait in the most insane line for day of tickets, and if you get there around 9am you should be set. Here are some snaps from my excursion, with cameos by mini cheesecakes by Hood Famous Bakery in Ballard:


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