So this is the new year… (shows from January 2018)

I cut down on how many shows I attended in January having learned that I need to only really do shows on Fridays and Saturdays, and if I request a show I will get the show. So I signed up to shoot a show for the only Friday/Saturday that was available for the week I wanted, and off I went. I request shows for bands that I really want to see, but more often then not I’m just blindly signing up for any show that sounds interesting. If it’s a group or singer I’ve never heard before, I won’t research their music beforehand. I like being surprised by the artist. Kylie Nelson was a lovely surprise. She had sass, she had presence, and she had a cool Amy Winehouse (before things fell apart) vibe about her.

At the end of the month was a band that had been on my list to see a while, Magic Giant. I don’t actually recall how I first heard about them, maybe I stumbled onto them via Spotify (in fact that’s probably how it happened), but their catchy tunes got to me. Their show was energetic, and fun. Everyone was having a blast – and I got to try out my low light specific lens for the first time. It’s pretty apparent the difference between my previous lens and the new lens. The Brevet opened for them, and I liked them a lot – enough so to make a point to attend their show next week to shoot!




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