I got three months left, I gotta make the most of it

I’m leaving Japan in about three months.  When I started my third contract, and second full year contract, I had already accepted that I would be leaving in a year, so it’s no surprise to me that I have three months left.  But now that I only have three months left, everything I’ve been wanting to … More I got three months left, I gotta make the most of it

A year in review

When I reflect back on 2013, it doesn’t seem too monumental.  Thankfully, or unthankfully, I have Facebook to remind me of all of my so called “2013 milestones.”  I may resent ever making a Facebook, but it is good at reminding me of a pretty damn good year. Some highlights: snowboarding – went a couple … More A year in review

Summer is my favorite season in Seattle.  Not just because I was born in the summer, to be honest I always hated the fact that my birthday was in the summer after seeing everyone get their birthdays celebrated during school (but I digress).  Summer in Seattle, and Bellingham during my college years, was always my … More

Cat Face was named by Billboard as Woman of the Year. No.  Just no. I’ve blogged a few times about Taylor, mostly about her songs.  Let’s recap what her music is about: “You Belong With Me” is about the nerdy girl falling in love with a handsome boy and singing about how awful his girlfriend … More