“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman I was the pickiest eater when I was a kid.  Eggs, bananas, mushrooms, rice (I know scandalous, since I’m Asian…) and tomatoes were only a few of the foods I refused to touch.  Some I disliked because it tasted … More Face-value

Once Upon a Dream

I never discuss this because I don’t think it’s important.  For some reason, my Japanese friends are always asking me about my tastes (regarding men) and for them I’ll answer with the brief answer I always give, “He has to make me laugh.  We have to trust each other, and he has to be someone … More Once Upon a Dream

Angsty Pants

Friendship is a funny thing.  Some people you just have a connection to, the person is just someone you know you will be friends with forever.  Some other people are just temporary friends, someone you meet vis-a-vis something else, and who you see every now and again but aren’t really friends save for in one … More Angsty Pants