A rant of sorts.

Last week Friday I had my first shift as a bartender at my friend’s place.  It was a blast, and I learned basic mixing.  Since arriving in Japan, I haven’t been much of a night owl, so this past weekend was a huge test for me, but I had fun.  I met a bunch of … More A rant of sorts.


I feel like I’m in one of those movies where the main character is stuck in that typical rut, or “not living up to their potential” so to speak, and then meets someone who helps the main character realize what they’re meant to do in life, so to speak. It’s like I’m at the beginning … More stuck.

Life as of late

Automatically after I decided to stick around Washington for another five months, I began a temporary job search.  I went to Qwest Field in hopes of landing a job being a parking attendant for sports/music events (which I did, and should be starting in May).  My friends did me a huge favor and are letting … More Life as of late