Summer is my favorite season in Seattle.  Not just because I was born in the summer, to be honest I always hated the fact that my birthday was in the summer after seeing everyone get their birthdays celebrated during school (but I digress).  Summer in Seattle, and Bellingham during my college years, was always my … More

Random blather.

I saw No Strings Attached for the second time last night.  And again I was struck by how much Natalie Portman’s character and I are similar in thought process and whatever else.  Our situations couldn’t be further from each other, but we think the same.  The way she reacts is how I react, though not … More Random blather.

Final day of NaNo

This year I tried to be ambitious and do NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) where in you write 50,000 words.  This, I thought, would give me at least something productive to do for a month.  Let’s talk about my progress shall we: As you can see, I started out well and then I got lazy.  … More Final day of NaNo